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The Boy Who Got Some Action

Give our Hero a bit of love too, won't you?

Harry Potter fanfic/fanart
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This is the community for all Harry Potter-centric fanfics/fanart. I checked around, and unless you can point it out to me, there is no other community dedicated just to Harry-centric fic/art, just fic/art of the HP fandom or other characters in the books. I thought that this is our hero, and even he deserves a bit of action, no? Course he does!

Any fanfic/fanart is allowed here, so long as Harry is centrally shipped with someone else in the books. No Original Characters allowed! I will be making sure that no one sticks him with Sues or Stus, believe me. I will delete your post in a heartbeat if you can't follow simple rules. We don't allow them here because we don't LIKE them. They suck, and make for badfics. Want Harry to be with someone? Make sure they're from the books. Anything else is allowed: het/slash/even weird femmeslash, so long as Harry is the center character and the one being shipped.

This is NOT a place for gen stories centric to Harry, this is only for stories in which he is shipped with another character, doesn't matter who, but it has to be someone from the first five Harry Potter books.

-- All stories should be put under a cut, no matter the rating or length, they must ALL be put under an LJ-CUT.

-- All fic/art posts should have the following header above them, right before the cut under which the story can be found:

Ship: Harry/whoever
Notes (optional):

If you have any questions, suggestions, or inquiries, please ask them here and here. Thank you.